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Welcome to the TCLP 2016!


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The Travis County Libertarian Party represents a unique section of Texas and celebrates the uniqueness of the Libertarian Party Platform. We offer our members various social events, education opportunities, Liberty Speakers Series, service projects, leadership training, lobbying and activism.

The 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominees- Gary Johnson/Bill Weld


To stay informed about Libertarian events and activities here in Travis County, please sign up for the AustinLiberator weekly email newsletter by sending a blank email to (You can read past issues of AustinLiberator here.)

Also visit the Travis County Libertarian Party Facebook page.

Austin Libertarian Meetup  combined with  Travis Libertarian Meetup


Next meeting:

TCLP business meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. Old Quarry Branch Library, 7051 Village Center Drive, Austin. Visitors welcome. (

Loren Schneiderman-Chairman

Eric Guerra – Secretary

Erica Lockwood -Treasurer

The TCLP is forming various executive action committees including: Membership, Marketing, Political Activism, Lobbying and Outreach. If you are interested in participating come to our meetings or contact us through the contact page.

Changes in time or location of meetings will be noted here.

TCLP business meetings are open to the public.

To learn more about the philosophy of the Libertarian Party,  visit

For local contact information, visit our contact page.


Precinct, County and District Conventions

The Travis County Libertarian Party held its precinct, county and district conventions

The primary business items at the conventions: 1) elect county officers for 2016-2018 term, 2) select candidates for county and a district offices, and 3) appoint delegates to the state convention.

Offices with certified candidates:

  • Texas House of Representatives, District 46 – Kevin Ludlow
  • Texas House of Representatives, District 47 – Scott G. McKinlay
  • Texas House of Representatives, District 48 – Ben Easton
  • Texas House of Representatives, District 49 – Rick Perkins
  • Travis County Sheriff – Eric Guerra
  • Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector – Steve Hasket
  • United States Congress, District 10 – Bill Kelsey
  • United States Congress, District 17 – Clark Patterson
  • United States Congress, District 21 – Mark Loewe
  • United States Congress, District 25 – Loren Schneiderman
  • State Board of Education, District 5 – Ricardo Perkins

Learn More About Libertarian:


Some say libertarians are “plotting to take over the world and leave you alone.”

This 2-minute video from tells “Free Will and Human Dignity: A Love Story.”

“The Conversation” is a 13-minute dramatization from the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity:

Read this short commentary from Leonard E. Read (written in 1955): “In an ideal America.”

Dr. Tom Palmer explains the libertarian principle in the introduction to the 2013 book, “Why Liberty.”

Take this short (10 question) online quiz from the Advocates for Self-Government to see if you might have libertarian leanings:

More information can be found at: